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Bruh Bears is a collection of adorable bears with the most eccentric community. We love NFTs and wholeheartedly believe they will play a critical role in ensuring Aptos achieves mass adoption with us bears leading that valiant effort. We promise to be at the forefront of innovation and bring our community along with us for the ride.


  • Joe

    Growth Lead

    Web3 marketer experienced with growing major DeFi social media accounts. Builds relationships, strategies and engagement around Bruh Bears.

  • Link

    Creative Director

    Versatile designer that brings his art to life. From web design to video editing and pixel art, Link can create experiences that everyone loves. Never sleeps.

  • Zero

    Lead Developer

    Monk than brings peace to the chaos. Picking up the broken glass that Scorp left behind. Engages with the community and writes code that powers the Bruh Bears ecosystem.

  • Teddy

    Partnership Lead

    Head of partnerships and collabs. With deep connections across every ecosystem. Onboarding the most chad community members to Bruh Bears. He's also multilingual.


Create a custom Bruh Bear and use it as your PFP.

Join the MOVEment bruh.

Build your Bruh


What is Aptos?

Aptos is a new, independent project created to fulfill the vision of delivering the safest and most production-ready blockchain in the world. Learn more.

What wallet should I use?

We recommend using Rise Wallet or Martian Wallet.

What is the supply of the project?

5000 NFTs

What is the mint price?

5.5 APT

When will the mint take place?

Saturday, November 5, 2022 - 5:00 PM UTC exclusively on Topaz.

Why "Bruh"?

Bruh 🧸